Local custom embroidery business that needed some updating. Added a modern gallery to make the samples stand out.

CHALLENGE: completely redesigned site. Client hired m2media to design, and kalwood web works to code. Image mapping used, but clicked image outlines were not to be seen. SOLUTION: new site coding. Image mapping is old school, but it fit this project to a "T". Stopping image outlining was easy, the IE fix was not.

Challenge: new site, designed by m2media. Integrated customized email forms per product page into existing code.

Challenge: revamp existing joomla site by kalwood. Owners wanted a custom site with modern lines. Solution: custom coded site using latest HTML 5 features.

Challenge: original site is coming up to ten years old, and client is looking at maintaining site for the short term, until new site can be finalized. Trick is to have the updated client requirements mesh with the existing older code. Solution: streamline a minimal amount of the original code to work with modern techniques. Updated working pages with a common code base so changes could be applied uniformly.

Challenge: a redesign for some wonderful people that requested an easy to update site. Wanted a way for the public to contact for more information. Site is off-line at the moment, in being transformed into a wordpress site.

Van Isle Datsun Enthusiasts

Challenge: new site for an existing Datsun enthusiasts club here on the Island. Club wanted the KISS principle followed, so they could build up their web presence over time. Forums + calendar of events were main criteria.

Challenge: revamped site by kalwood. Owners wanted the ability to change sections by themselves, all while having a clean, updated look. Forum integration paramount. Previous version had many pictures incorporated, this version removed them. Solution: custom theme on a joomla! site with a simple machines forum to match.

Vic Landscaping Ltd.

Challenge: another m2media site. Email form and coding for clients. Site now inoperative.

CHALLENGE: new site construction. In association with m2media. First foray into a "fixed cap" (top and bottom of page static, centre area stretches to fit given content) website. IE presented its usual assortment of issues. SOLUTION: divs to make the top, middle and bottom elements align. NOTE: has since moved to wordpress.

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